NewPodcast2, ep. 27: vixentael and security

NewPodcast2, ep. 27: vixentael and security

Russian-speaking podcast about software engineering lead by engineers all over the world. In this episode they invited me, so we’ve discussed everything about security.

“Security is invasive”.

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We’re speaking about programming, jira, security, and Zamyatin books (carefull, russian language):

  • Types of security
  • How to get into security software engineering
  • Pasha’s sad experience in security on Android
  • How to approach security
  • Silver bullets in security and guidelines
  • Threat modelling
  • Checklists NIST, OWASP, etc.
  • Security testing and security audits
  • DevSecOps and why we need to shift security left
  • Transparent walls, Zamyatin and Equilibrium
  • How to make security attractive
  • Are certificates (and certifications) needed
  • Post-quantum cryptography!

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